Membership Application

If you are interested in joining Central Washington Mountain Rescue (CWMR), we are always looking for new members. However, your commitment to CWMR must be sincere, since the investment we will make in you for your training, education, and support is going to be significant. Also, other members will be counting upon you and what you’ve learned when the call-out for a rescue mission comes. Therefore, before submitting an application for membership, please read the following.


Before becoming a member of CWMR, you must:

  • Undergo and pass a criminal background check by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Attend the Yakima County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Academy. The Academy traditionally begins in January of each year.
  • Be willing to participate in ongoing training and educational opportunities. CWMR provides hundreds of hours of training opportunities every year. The expected participation levels are outlined in the membership guidelines.
  • Have or obtain certain personal climbing gear required for participation in CWMR activities.
  • Be available for missions.

Also included in the application is a personal equipment list. Please note: only equipment found in the essentials section will be required to prior to joining.

CWMR Membership Application
Address *

Prerequisite Info

Do you possess Liability Car Insurance?
Have you applied to Yakima County Search and Rescue (YCSAR)?
Have you completed the YCSAR Academy?
Have you completed a recognized Basic Mountaineering Course?
Have you completed a Basic Helicopter Safety Course within the last two (2) years?
Are you currently (or have you previously been) a member of another Rescue Organization?

Skills / Experience / Certifications

Medical Support Skills:
Select all that apply.
Training & Experience
Select all that apply.
Please provide information on your climbing history/abilities.
Please list any you think might apply.

Maximum file size: 128MB

Please attached any supporting documents for your application here.

Personal Requirements

Mountain Rescue missions can be quite physically and mentally challenging. The members of our organization must meet and maintain minimum fitness and work capacity standards. These standards are in place to ensure the safety of each team member. CWMR operates on an honor system regarding the daily physical status of each team member. This status can be impacted by many things such as sickness, injury, or other activities. Please remember that the safety of our patients, our team, and ourselves depends on each person’s physical condition. Please follow this link for more information on fitness and work capacity standards. If you have any physical or medical condition(s) that you think might impair your ability to serve with us, please include that.
We cannot always be available for missions due to priorities at home or work. We do, however, expect members to be available for a few missions each year at a minimum. It is advisable to approach your family and your employer at this time and find out what their feelings and policies are regarding unplanned absence. Please feel free to discuss this with the CWMR leadership if you feel that there may be conflicts. A letter from the Sheriff’s Office can sometimes be helpful. Please note any constraints to mission availability.
Please share with us why you would like to join CWMR, and what you can contribute to this team.


Essential Equipment *
Please check the box if you currently have the listed gear. You must possess this gear prior to joining CWMR.
Required Equipment -- Climbing / Mountaineering
Please check the box if you currently have the listed gear. You must possess (or have access to) this equipment within one (1) calendar year of joining CWMR.
Acknowledgement *

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

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